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Let the EPA Do It’s Job

This article from Grist says it all.  Check it out and the included links: http://bit.ly/pOTXgH The EPA promulgates and enforces regulations based on laws passed by the U.S. Congress – you know the people we elected to represent us.  We should … Continue reading

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Lower Your Cholesterol – Stop Eating Animals

I would have never believed it.  To lower your blood cholesterol, just stop eating animal products, i.e. meats, fish, and poultry – nothing with a face.  That includes meat products such as milk, eggs and cheese.  The best way to … Continue reading

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Concern over recent world events

I have always been a fairly optimistic person.  I realize that seismic, meteorological, and geologic events are part of our living planet.  However, the recent events coupled with the financial, political, and social problems that have surfaced around the world … Continue reading

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Biofuels – Stop the Madness

Almost everyone has heard the term “biofuels” today; but have you thought about the impact of the decision to subsidize the production of biofuels?  Check out this link for an overview: http://nyti.ms/mLk27n We know that biofuels are mixed with traditional fuels, … Continue reading

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