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Stop Government Corn Subsidies

Billions and billions of dollars are being spent on corn subsidies.  Why?  Take a good look at what’s on the shelf of your local grocery store, products that are made from corn. Do we really need to subsidize the production … Continue reading

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A multi-party political system represents the people

How much longer should the U.S.A. struggle with the two party system, i.e. Democrat or Republican? I hope that people will look beyond their borders and take a look at what’s happening in Germany, France, and the United Kingdom.  The … Continue reading

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I expect our leaders to lead

I want my elected representatives to lead, to represent the people, to be statesmen and not politicians. I want our elected officials to build peaceful alliances with other countries.  I don’t want them to build relationships with other nations to … Continue reading

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Meaningless Rhetoric over Currency Manipulation

Here’s an interesting article that raises the issue of China manipulating it’s currency to keep it artificially low against the US dollar. Who benefits from this favorable exchange rate?  US Corporations.  When we talk about the loss of jobs … Continue reading

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