Bush Explains his Reaction to 9/11 Events

I was surprised to find this link about Bush trying to explain his reaction to news that a plane had struck the World Trade Center while he was visiting a Florida school classroom.  Here’s the link: http://yhoo.it/qja3Nc

What I find interesting is that it appears from this video clip that Bush already knew that a plane had struck the first tower and he still went into the public school classroom.  His reaction in the classroom is in response to the news that a second plane had struck the other World Trade Center Tower.  He says in the interview that he was told by Chief of Staff, Andy Card, “a second plane has hit the second tower, America is under attack.”

What do you think?  How many people thought that when they saw the orginal news footage of Bush’s reaction that he was reacting to news about the first plane?  He already new about the first plane and he still went into the classroom?  Why weren’t military aircraft scrambled to the airspace over New York City upon hearing the news about the first plane?  Does anybody really believe that our air traffic control system is so incompetent as to allow a plane to fly into any building, let alone the tallest buildings in America?

People in America should be outraged by this information.


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