Genetically Modified Crops Create Higher Profits for Corporations

Wake up America!  Genetically modified crops are taking over, whether they’re approved or not.  At least that’s the impression one can get from the news.  Check out this link.

There are very strong restrictions on genetically modified crops in the European Union; but America, we are the land of the free!   Free to sell and plant whatever we want, whether it’s been approved or not.

The problem is that by genetically modifying crop seeds, these large companies gain control over the seed production.  The goal is to control all of the seeds 100% of the time.  You can’t gain control over seeds that farmers have been using for generations; but if you created a genetically modified seed, you own the rights to that seed.  Since these companies have invested R&D money into developing these seeds, they want to profit from the sale of them.  So while these companies pitch the benefits of more and better food crops to the general public, the real benefits go the companies that develop and sell these seeds in terms of profits – big profits.  This is an older article but it points to the real goal of the companies developing genetically modified seeds – greater profits.

So open your eyes to the real motivation behind genetically modified crops – greed and control.  What’s going to happen when all the crops are controlled by a few big, powerful corperations?  We will all end up paying higher prices for our food.  Once they control all the seeds, they can charge whatever they want.

Do you and your family a favor.  Start collecting and storing natural seeds.  Write to your elected representatives and voice your opposition to genetically modified seeds.  Act now, while there is still time!


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