Lower Your Cholesterol – Stop Eating Animals

I would have never believed it.  To lower your blood cholesterol, just stop eating animal products, i.e. meats, fish, and poultry – nothing with a face.  That includes meat products such as milk, eggs and cheese.  The best way to lower your cholesterol is to eat more fruits and vegetables!  http://bit.ly/k1R7oC

And there are more benefits than just lower cholesterol.  Apparently our obsession with meat is also driving a big part of the green house gas environmental problem.  All those cows, pigs, and chickens make a lot of CO2.  Check out this article: http://bit.ly/iwjqGj

I’ve never a believer in diets or dieting.  I believe in living a healthy lifestyle which includes eating right and regular exercise.  However, the information in the book, “The Rave Diet & Lifestyle” and in the DVD, “Eating” had a profound affect on me, on the way I eat, and on the way I look at our food supply.  They also have some great references on their website.  http://bit.ly/jQtTmM


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