Biofuels – Stop the Madness

Almost everyone has heard the term “biofuels” today; but have you thought about the impact of the decision to subsidize the production of biofuels?  Check out this link for an overview:

We know that biofuels are mixed with traditional fuels, like gasoline and diesel, to stretch the supply of these fossil fuels.  The obvious benefit is that we have more fuel to power our motorized vehicles; but at what cost?  We are using precious top soil to grow crops that can be converted into these biofuels.  Does this really make sense?

In the USA, the crop of choice is corn, which is subsidized; so it’s your tax dollars at work. Check out this link:

In addition to the top soil, you need water, fertilizer, herbicides, pesticides, to grow the corn and fossil fuels to transport and process the corn into ethanol.  All of this so we can continue to power our precious motor vehicles, most of which depend upon fossil fuels to operate and supplies of which we will eventually exhaust.

There are other ways to prolong the supply of fossil fuels, which by the way we need for many other things other than powering motor vehicles.  Gasoline is cheaper in the USA than it can be purchased almost anywhere else on the planet.  Why is that so?  Have you ever really thought about it?

We should be building more fuel efficient automobiles, creating more incentives to drive smaller and lighter vehicles, investing in public transportation alternatives and creating incentives for people to use them, and we should be educating the public about the reality of our limited supply of fossil fuels.

Consider the impact of these decisions on our planet.  Take a look at this article for example:


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